Gonge is passionate about worn products
Gonge products are made to offer hours of fun for countless children for many years, and so we are always pleased when we see signs of wear on our products.

A worn Gonge product may not look as bright, shiny and clean as it did in the beginning, but that’s actually good, because scuffs, grazes and dirt show that children have been playing with the product and having fun.
What is the price per hour of physical activity when you buy a Gonge product?

When we develop new products, we focus on high quality. We trust that most childcare professionals and parents realise that the cost of a product is not only a matter of price, but also of durability. Take a look at the products featured on this page, which have been exposed to daily wear and tear by numerous children over many years – with plenty more years to come! Are our products expensive? We don’t think so.

To us, sustainability is a question of how many hours of fun and physical activity we can create per kilo of plastic.

To comply with international safety standards, we always use virgin plastic raw material for our products, as recycled plastic often contains traces of phthalates and heavy metals. Manufacturing products with a long lifespan shows our commitment to responsible production from new plastics.

And when, after many years enjoyment, the product is eventually worn out, icons engraved onto the product identify the type of high-grade plastic used, allowing it to be recycled.