Momentous little Moments

From materials for learning - to learning by moving
For over 50 years, Gonge has been inspired by the needs of schools and children’s institutions, creating unique, niche products to enhance learning through the development of children’s motor skills.
Gonge history

Since 1966, Gonge products have inspired and motivated children to be physically active, while helping them learn and develop in creative ways. We are committed to ‘play as the mechanism for learning’, and continue to develop products that stimulate children’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development without compromising on fun.

Play is the inspiration for all Gonge products, which are carefully designed to challenge children’s physical limits, develop their cognitive skills, encourage social interaction and support emotional integrity. We believe that the development of body and mind is essential for building the confidence that children will depend on throughout life.

Every child is unique and deserves individual attention to help them develop while they play. We care for the specific needs of each child at the functional level they require, helping them to grow to reach new developmental stages through playful stimulation and therapeutic training. They may even use our products for training and rehabilitation in later life (pages 78-82).

Our stimulating range of products combines educational principles, beautiful design, excellent quality and the highest safety standards. We remain loyal to our originsas a supplier to the educational market, yet our creative approach to learning has become increasingly popular with familiesas well.

The Gonge family started ‘Skoleforlaget Gonge’ in 1966 as a publishing company, producing and marketing educational materials especially for preschool institutions in Denmark. Since then, the Company has changed, becoming a global developer of creative learning. The tipping point for the Company came with a single product, the Giant Top, a toy produced for children’s play and movement. This grew into a wide and varied range of toys and tools that established a philosophy of stimulating movement, as well as cognitive and social development