Careful thinking creates the joy of simplicity
Gonge’s simple designs contain worlds of potential. It takes careful thinking to create basic shapes and a variety of functions that are limited only by a child’s imagination.
It all starts with observations

Gonge’s designers spend hours observing children play to develop inspirational ideas for creative activities – sometimes they even play themselves! They discuss possibilities with our physiotherapist and then, when the ideas take shape, they put them to the test.


We follow a number of strict guidelines when developing Gonge products. They should be safe and ergonomically correct. They aim at training selective sensing as well as sensory integration. They should contain the possibility of progression, when the children use it and improve their skills. And they should inspire social play.

Testing and trying, from idea to product

Initial drawings are discussed and examined extensively. Is the idea simple enough? Does it provide numerous ways to play? What senses and skills does it stimulate?

Prototypes – either 3D prints or wooden models – are tried, tested and judged in real life. Do the children use the toy in the ways we envisioned? Can smaller children benefit?

Along the way, the design may be modified to prepare it for the final test: can it be produced as a safe, long-lasting product that will give children all over the world thousands of hours of play and help them to develop their skills? Only once everything has been simulated and analysed will Gonge put the idea into production.